Monday, October 30, 2006

MedIEQ: Quality Labeling of Medical Web Sites

Our group is involved in a EC funded project called MedIEQ. We were hosting a meeting of the project from 23rd to 24th of October here in Espoo. MedIEQ will deliver tools that crawl the Web to locate medical web sites in seven different European languages (Catalan, Czech, English, Finnish, German, Greek, and Spanish) in order to verify their content using a set of machine readable quality criteria. MedIEQ tools will monitor already labelled medical sites alerting labelling experts in case the sites' content is updated against the quality criteria, thus facilitating the work of medical quality labelling agencies (Web Medica Acreditada, Barcelona, and Agency for Quality in Medicine, Berlin). The project is coordinated by a Greek research center called Demokritos.

Our group concentrates on the use of adaptive and statistical methods to deal with "difficult content". By difficult, one refers to such content that is difficult to analyze using structured, e.g., rule-based method. One example is the task to detect whether a site is intended to be read by laypersons or medical professionals.

More information on the project and our objectives is provided by our site manager Matti Pöllä.

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