Saturday, December 02, 2006

Meeting with Prof. Manjunath

Prof. B.S. Manjunath is the Director of the Center for Bio-image Informatics as well as the Director of Interactive Digital Multimedia at UCSB. His research interests include image/video analysis, multimedia databases and data mining, and signal/image processing for bio-informatics. I was describing related research in our laboratory including the research on Multimodal Interfaces, Content-Based Image Retrieval, Bioinformatics, and Neuroinformatics.

Prof. Manjunath has, among other things, been active in developing multimedia content description standard. As he had just a couple of hours after our meeting a lecture for his students in which he had a plan to cover the Self-Organizing Map algorithm with applications on text mining, he invited me to give a guest lecture, which I gladly accepted.

B.S. Manjunath and Timo Honkela,
with a projection of some ICA features on their face.

Prof. Manjunath's research groups are conducting very interesting research in several areas. For instance, the vision research lab conducts research on bio-molecular image databases. High resolution imaging of molecules and cells can be used to understand complex systems such as the nervous system.

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