Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Visiting Jim March Seminar

We visited Jim March Seminar on Monday, 13th of November. James G. March, Emeritus Professor at Stanford is best known for his research on organizations and organizational decision making. He conducts research, writes, and teaches on decision making, risk taking, information processing, and learning in organizations. In an issue of Harvard Business Review, it was mentioned that "Jim March is to organization theory what Miles Davis is to jazz".

In the seminar, we followed Sampo Tukiainen's presentation on "Cross-National Learning in Two Consecutive Finnish-Polish Power Plant Projects". An interesting and lively discussion was followed by the presentation. Jim March pointed out that people might easily perceive that problems in cross-national projects stems from nationality even though there may be important background issues related to the power structures. We discussed, for instance, how the labeling and classification may influence the perception of phenomena in general.

Later the same day, we visited SCANCOR offices and Wallenberg hall in which we will give a presentation on Friday.

In the evening, we met Don Steiny who is the president of the Institute for Social Network Analysis of the Economy. At Stanford he is a member of the Silicon Valley Network Analysis Project.

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