Thursday, January 25, 2007

Language Technology Education in Finland

The representatives of the KIT network on language technology education and the Graduate School of Language Technology in Finland had a meeting today at University of Helsinki. The education in the area of language technology is increasingly networked. Several universities provide courses that the students from other universities may participate.

Recently, much thanks to the active role of Prof. Kimmo Koskenniemi and Robin Cooper, there are new developments in the Nordic and Baltic level. NGLST, Nordic Graduate School of Language Technology is a collaboration between leading centres of research and teaching in language technology in the Nordic countries, with funding from NordForsk. Prof. Koskenniemi has also been active in the establishment of the Northern European Association for Language Technology (NEALT).

From the left: Konsta Koppinen (Tampere University of Technology), Stefan Werner (University of Joensuu),
Hanna Westerlund (University of Helsinki), Kimmo Koskenniemi (University of Helsinki),
Eero Sormunen (University of Tampere) and Helena Ahonen-Myka (University of Helsinki)

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