Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Castellani: Sociology and complexity science

Brian Castellani (Kent State University) writes an excellent blog on sociology and complexity science. Among many interesting items I would specifically like to mention the map of complexity science. The map includes links with a lot of additional information. Castellani also discusses what happened to neural networking.

In 2003 Castellani published an article in which he showed how qualitative researchers can use the SOM to conduct grounded theoretical investigations of large, complex, numerical databases. It was heart warming to read how positively Castellani writes in his blog about our (Janasik, Honkela and Bruun) recent article "Text Mining in Qualitative Research" in which we continue the same line of research and extend it to text data.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that Castellani and Hafferty have recently authored a book called "Sociology and Complexity Science - A New Field of Inquiry". I am eagerly looking forward to reading it.

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