Saturday, May 26, 2007

Nodalida 2007

Evening sky in Tartu. Original photo courtesy of Jyrki NiemiThe 16th Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics (Nodalida 2007) is underway and presents the current status of language technology in the Nordic countries. This time the conference is held in the city of Tartu in Estonia. The weather has been favorable the whole time and we have been able to enjoy the city and the extremely well organized conference.

Diana F. McCarthy giving her talk. Original photo courtesy of Jyrki Niemi.Diana F. McCarthy from the University of Sussex gave an interesting invited talk on lexical substitution, that has been used to evaluate various word meaning discovery methods based on different representations, principles and inventories in a shared task. Results of the competition will be published in SemEval-2007.

Walter Daelemans, from the University of Antwerp, gave another invited talk in text analysis and machine learning for stylometrics and stylogenetics. They have investigated, for instance, author verification and personality identification.

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